Motley Crue's Tommy Lee has continued to outdo himself over the years with a series of mobile drum kits. In recent years, he's evolved from a mere elevating drum kit to one that essentially serves as a drum rollercoaster. So what about Motley Crue's "Final Tour"? Lee has something he's calling the 'Cruecifly,' but the insane stunt may not take place at each venue the band plays.

Lee did take to the top of the Van Andel Arena during the Grand Rapids, Mich., tour opener last week, but the drummer didn't employ his rig during the Milwaukee Summerfest stop on July 4. In a new tweet, he explains that the massive rig may not work in every venue.

In its latest incarnation, the "Cruecifly" has Lee moving along a rollercoaster-like track near the ceiling of the arena, passing some of the stage props and leaving the drummer spinning vertically and eventually upside-down. Take a look at video shot during opening night of Lee's first trip in the "Cruecifly" above.

For a look at Lee's drum stunts over the years, check out Ultimate Classic Rock's post documenting the various incarnations through time by clicking the button below.

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