As Motley Crue bring their proven brand of hard rock to their fans one last time, fans hoping to see Tommy Lee pound the skins were out of luck at the Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, Ct. last night (Oct. 16) as the iconic drummer was sidelined again after missing the band's Buffalo, N.Y. date on Oct. 14. While remaining hopeful the tendonitis would subside before taking the stage, as the clock ticked it became apparent earlier in the day he would be unable to perform for a second time.

Twitter prior to the show apologizing for his absence. He kept his promise of coming out to see the fans and was met with some of the loudest cheering of the night. He spent a couple minutes talking with the crowd explaining how he wanted to play the show, especially considering that this is Crue's last tour. He talked about his injury, explaining that musicians, athletes, and other professionals with physical demands all suffer from this from time to time.

Filling in again was Alice Cooper's drummer Glen Sobel, who powered his way through the set and kept the show alive. As was true for the Buffalo gig, Sobel did not perform the famed 'Cruecifly' drum solo. The stunt is a spectacle that sees Lee's kit lifted and guided through the air like a roller coaster on two tracks with the kit and Lee spinning 360 degrees on a horizontal axis while playing a drum solo.

Motley Crue have three more dates left on their North American leg of the tour before heading over to Europe. The band will return stateside in December to close out the Final Tour. To see Motley Crue, check out the remaining dates at the band's website.

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