Vince Neil has undergone a fat burning treatment to prepare for Motley Crue’s highly anticipated 2022 stadium tour with Def Leppard. On the singer’s Instagram, he posted a video of him undergoing a session with an Emsculpt Neo, though it has since been deleted.

The Emsculpt Neo apparently emits radio frequency and high intensity electromagnetic energies to reduce fat and encourage muscle growth. “In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, i.e. fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body,” the Dermatology Center of Northern California explains of the process.

Neil filmed himself doing a few exercises in his home gym before starting to talk about the Emsculpt Neo. He also wrote “Trying it all! Check out Emsculpt Neo abs, They say it’s 20,000 crunches in just 30 minutes!!” and tagged #emsculptpartner along with the product’s tagline #moremusclelessfat, so the whole video could just be a business opportunity. The post has since been deleted.

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Neil has been touring solo throughout the summer, receiving mixed reviews for his singing along the way. Neil cut his first concert since the pandemic short after blowing his voice out onstage in Iowa, but returned to the stage in August with a better overall performance.

Neil has plenty of time to get ready for Motley Crue’s stadium tour, which kicks off June 16 in Atlanta, Ga.

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