Vince Neil has agreed to a deal which will have the Motley Crue singer plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and pay a $1,000 fine related to an alleged domestic violence incident involving his ex-girlfriend, former Las Vegas television entertainment reporter Alicia Jacobs. In return, county prosecutors in Las Vegas will drop one more serious count of domestic battery Neil was facing.

Neil was charged with battery domestic violence and disorderly conduct in April following a March 24 incident at the Las Vegas Hilton, during which he allegedly disrupted a performance by comedian Hal Sparks by launching into an obscenity-laced tirade directed at Jacobs and two of her friends in the audience. One of the friends, a columnist for the Las Vegas Sun, jokingly called the altercation "felony buffoonery" and accused Neil of "drive-by belligerence."

Neil allegedly also poked Jacobs, resulting in the domestic violence charge. A photo posted on the site soon after the incident showed bruising on Jacobs' shoulder that she claims is the result of Neil's alleged assault. Las Vegas Police Department cops were called to the scene and she filed a battery report.

A bench trial had been scheduled for Nov. 7, and Neil could've faced six months in the slammer and $1,000 fine if convicted of the more serious charge. “Mr. Neil is sorry he raised his voice,” said David Chesnoff, the singer's defense attorney.

Neil already had spent 10 days in the county jail there in February after getting busted for driving drunk in his black Lamborghini the previous summer near the Las Vegas Strip.

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