Motley Crue kicked off their second Las Vegas residency earlier this week (Sept. 18) at the Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Leading up to the engagement, singer Vince Neil took some time to talk about their all-new, 'Red Hot' production and the personal challenges of their nightly setlist.

Chatting with the Las Vegas Sun about their new show dubbed 'An Intimate Evening in Hell,' Neil told Robin Leach, “There is no show like this. There never has been, and there never will be. You've seen video fire from other rock acts on tour, but never the real thing.”

Neil then expanded on that a bit, explaining, “It's more than any rock group has ever produced or attempted. It really is entering the depths of hell. There's fire all around and fire coming down from above.” He also talked about the hazards involved, sharing, “There's no question this is the most dangerous theatrics ever created and far more than anything we expected. But, hey, this is Vegas, and we do bigger, bolder, badder, sleazier here better than any other place on Earth.”

Beyond the production, there are additional challenges for Neil. Now more than three decades into their career, Motley Crue’s body of work is massive, and performing some of those older songs in a non-stop 90 minute set is not always easy. “I don't get one break,” said Neil. “We start with a song from when we began 30 years ago. We've reached back over the years to old hits to match up with new hits. It's a difficult set list for me vocally — 'Too Young To Fall In Love' is no easy song to perform.”

Motley Crue’s setlist from the first night of their residency featured seventeen songs spanning throughout their entire career, check out a few fan-filmed videos from the first two shows below.

Fan-Filmed Videos of Motley Crue's 'An Intimate Evening in Hell' Las Vegas Residency: