Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian had a big request for his 50th birthday bash. He wanted one of his favorite bands, Mother Superior, to perform, and he wanted to play alongside them. Not only did he get his wish, he ended up forming a new band called Motor Sister, who recently released an album featuring their own versions of Ian's favorite Mother Superior songs.

In addition to Scott Ian, Motor Sister's lineup features Mother Superior frontman Jim Wilson, Armored Saint bassist Joey Vera, former Rob Zombie drummer John Tempesta and Ian's wife, singer-songwriter Pearl Aday. They released an album called Ride earlier this year, and four of the members stopped by Loudwire's studio to discuss the effort.

In this exclusive video interview above, you'll hear Motor Sister talk about how they formed, what attracted Scott and Pearl to Mother Superior's music in the first place and their plans for the future. Check out the video above, and be sure to pick up Motor Sister's Ride album at iTunes.

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