After battling health problems the past couple of years,  frontman seems to be doing better these days. With the band embarked on the inaugural Motorhead's Motorboat cruise, the legendary vocalist spoke with VH1 about his health.

"I’m getting back there," Lemmy says. "We’ve just done two tours. It doesn’t really matter what you do, it’s how you do it and how you feel. I gave up smoking more or less. I have one now and again but that’s about it. And I more or less gave up drinking or I switched to vodka instead of Jack Daniels, which is better for you apparently. If you’re going to drink, that’s the least harmful."

Born in England, Lemmy has been a Los Angeles resident for decades. He says he doesn't regret moving to the U.S. from his native land. "The music business operates out of Los Angeles, you know, that’s it," he says. "Even if you live in New York, you’re fooling yourself. You got to be out here. And it was time for a change anyway because the band it was failing badly in England. We couldn’t get arrested."

Kilmister continues, "But you know, coming over here seemed to make us acceptable in Britain again. It’s weird. We’re like a foreign band now. It’s exciting to see us because we don’t live there."

Once Motorhead return from the Motorboat cruise, they have a European tour set to kick off in November. For all the dates, go here.

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