This is how 'Toy Story' should have been made: Instead of a tale about childhood toys trying to find their way home, the film could have been about Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister drinking whisky with Buzz Lightyear and corrupting their owner's mind with pure rock 'n' roll. Apparently, someone out there shares our sentiments, proven by this creation of a Lemmy Mr. Potato Head.

Master of all Potato Heads, artist Jason D. Johnson has been creating demented experiments for some time, as evidenced on his Deviant Art page. Along with modeling Potato Heads after zombies, Ronald Reagan, Dracula and much more, Johnson made this one-of-a-kind Lemmy Kilmister model, which we're dubbing 'The Ace of Spuds.'

Complete with tattoos, handlebar mustache, middle finger and, of course, Lemmy's trademark facial moles, this Potato Head is a conceptual art masterpiece. We would advise you to add this gem to your official Holiday Gift Guide, but the model has already been gifted to renowned comic book artist Greg Capullo.

When asked if he was willing to sell the creation, Johnson responded, "I would love to sell one but I have already given Lemmy to Greg Capullo my all time favorite 'Spawn' artist. He was originally going to have the hat but when sculpting it; it just sucked too much so I decided not to use it."

Tough break, but to check out the Lemmy Potato Head along with Johnson's other creations, visit his personal Deviant Art page.

Deviant Art: Potatoheadmaster