Remember Murp, the kid band that appeared on America's Got Talent in 2013 and stunned the television cast and audience with their brutal song "Zombie Skin?" All these years later, the brother and sister duo is still active and Aaralyn's gutturals are even more impressive than when she was a 6-year-old who frightened American households.

In a newly uploaded video, Murp performed the song "Punk Pixie," which is a cover of a track originally written by one of their fans, Tyler Jessop. In the clip, it's clear just how much Aaralyn's vocals have progressed. Seven years ago, her voice was more in line with black metal's mid-ranged shrieking and now she's a fully-fledged death metal singer with some seriously deep gutturals.

What's even more amazing is that she appears to be doing this all quite naturally and with relative ease. Aaralyn is at the age where a lot of first-time screamers begin to figure out how to develop this technique, but she's already had years of experience and practice, so it shouldn't be a surprise she's come so far.

Now if you two kids wouldn't mind covering Suffocation...

Watch Murp play "Punk Pixie" below. Beneath the cover you can relive the original America's Got Talent clip, where judge Heidi Klum openly questioned what was going on in the Murp household that led to what she had just witnessed and demanded to see the parent responsible for doing something as bold as enabling two young kids to pursue their passion.

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