If you're a parent with young kids, or just happen to be someone who enjoys some Cartoon Network, you may have seen the 'Stop Bullying: Speak Up' music video. Sure, the message is one we can all get behind, but holy hell is the rap song cringeworthy. Thankfully, the younger generation isn't doomed, and Aaralyn and Izzy of Murp have proved it once again.

Just trying to enjoy some cartoons, Aaralyn and Izzy have had to put up with the song, which makes us want to punch ourselves in the face. We'd happily give up our lunch money to never be exposed to this rap again, but Murp had a better idea.

If there's one genre that rallies up against bullying, it's black metal, so Murp have crossed over to perform the original track 'Thunder Silences the Bully.' It's a little more cryptic than the Cartoon Network video, but 'Thunder Silences the Bully' delivers a positive message. Aaralyn sings, "Bullies!! / Why are you so mean?! / Do you need a hug?" with a grim black metal guttural while exploring some sort of nightmarish playground.

Check out Murp's 'Thunder Silences the Bully' PSA above!

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