We've been trying to get Aaralyn and Izzy of Murp to drop by our studios for years now, and we're extremely excited to say it finally happened! In this exclusive interview, the young duo talk about their 2013 stint on America's Got Talent, their new EP Sweet Music and more!

Murp first gathered the attention of rock fans and metalheads by creating original music and covering classic tracks. The incredibly monstrous voice of young Aaralyn captivated millions, as documented on America's Got Talent in the summer of 2013. Murp's debut on the show featured Aaralyn and Izzy performing the original track "Zombie Skin," which has racked up nearly 28 million views on YouTube as of this posting.

We spoke with Aaralyn and Izzy about their time on the show, their favorite and least favorite judges, the duo's follow-up performance of "Dog Poop," how they felt once they were eliminated and much more.

Murp also just released the new EP Sweet Music, which has a very special tie to America's Got Talent. The young musicians tell us about the new release, which features awesome cuts like "No Rules" and "Honey is Bee Puke."

Check out our interview with Aaralyn and Izzy of Murp above. We'll be uploading more great videos with the talented twosome soon, so keep your eyes open!

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