Muse are ready to salute the 20th anniversary of their Origin of Symmetry album in a big way, revisiting the material and providing fans with a special remix record to mark the occasion.

Dubbed Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX, the set is not the traditional remix set inviting a bunch of mixers to radically rework the tracks. Rather, the band worked closely with producer Rich Costey, revisiting the material and finding a more open, dynamic and less crushed sound overall. As a result, fans will hear a fuller instrumentation as certain tracks that previous got buried or muted in the mix now can be more prominently featured.

One instance of this is the recorded strings the band cut at Abbey Road on the song "Citizen Erased." The new remixed version is the initial instant grat track that fans can hear on streaming services or by pre-ordering the 20th anniversary edition. Other instances include strings on "Megalomania" and "Space Dementia" and a harpsichord featured on "Micro Cuts."

Frontman Matt Bellamy says, "In revisiting the album, what we found was the original mixes on the singles, like ‘Plug In Baby’ and ‘Bliss,’ were pretty good so they were the hardest ones to improve. It was the deeper album tracks like ‘Micro Cuts’ where we were able to make massive breakthroughs."

Fans can also look for the addition of "Futurism" to the set. The track was initially a bonus cut on the Japanese edition of the album and was tagged on to the record on streaming services. Plus, there's brand new modernized artwork for the Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX created by Sujin Kim. The piece creates a hyper-realistic 3D rendering of the original William Eager cover shot.

The original Origin of Symmetry album really took Muse to the next level in their native U.K., topping out at No. 3 on the U.K. album chart. Their U.S. breakout would come one album later on Absolution, though cuts from Origin of Symmetry started generating some buzz on the group. "Plug in Baby" and "New Born" were the big hits and "Bliss" enjoyed some attention, while the band also turned a few heads with their cover of "Feeling Good."

The Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX is due digitally on June 18 with vinyl offerings to follow on July 9. Head here to pre-order and here for the vinyl offerings.

Muse, "Citizen Erased" (XX Anniversary RemiXX)

Muse, Origin of Symmetry: XX Anniversary RemiXX Artwork + Track Listing

Warner Records
Warner Records

Side M
1. New Born
2. Bliss

Side U
3. Space Dementia
4. Hyper Music
5. Plug In Baby

Side S
6. Citizen Erased
7. Micro Cuts
8. Screenager
9. Darkshines

Side E
10. Feeling Good
11. Futurism
12. Megalomania

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