As a child, you're worried about what creatures may lie behind your bed or in your closet, especially when the lights go out. But what about when you play song from My Enemies & I on a tape machine? See for yourself as Loudwire as teamed up with the band for the exclusive premiere of their new video for "Wolves Teeth."

The clip is a rather simplistic one, but definitely sets a certain mood that fits with the song. In the video, a tape machine spools out the song while a pair of oily black covered hands emerge from behind the machine and a dresser to essentially grope the player.

Guitarist Zach Jones tells Loudwire, "The video for 'Wolves Teeth' was inspired by an unexplainable event. A friend of ours that we used to spend a lot of time with lives in a house that has a very weird past. We've experienced a handful of strange events in that house. One night we were hanging out over there and there was only four people in the house. All of us were in the same room at the top of the stairs. We were all sitting around talking and we heard a couple footsteps coming up the stairs. Knowing that the only people in the house were all right in front of each other, it immediately startled us. We stared at the wall you have to walk around to get to the stairs waiting for whatever it was to break the corner. In the time it takes to blink we saw this pair of hands wrap around the wall and then they curled right back followed by footsteps going back down the stairs. To this day we have no explanation for what it could have been. The hands you see in the video are our representation of what we saw that day."

My Enemies & I deliver equal doses of hard rocking brutality and catchy melody within the "Wolves Teeth" song. The track also features a guest appearance by Davis Rider of Immoralist.

The song is featured on the Sick World EP, which has already spawned the single "Carbon Copy." The disc was produced by Andrew Baylis and is currently available for purchase at this location.