It's time to get to know My Enemies & I. The band has been building a buzz over the last couple of years with their 2015 EP Sick World offering their introduction to many. Now the Richmond-based outfit are building to the release of their debut album, The Beast Inside, this Friday (Nov. 3) and they've teamed up with Loudwire to exclusively premiere their new video for the disc's title track.

The song lies on the darker and moodier side of the spectrum for My Enemies & I. Singer Jeff Hill's nimbly tackles some of the tongue-twisty moments early in the song as it builds in intensity toward the chorus. By the time things kick in, you'll be bobbing your heads along with the wall of guitars and drums that Zach Jones, Brandon Sellitti, bassist Cameron Perry and drummer Ryan Ganster power through with aplomb.

As for the clip itself, it's primarily a performance piece shot in black and white, mirroring the maudlin vibe put forth by the band. On the conceptual side, the video is interspersed with assorted people in various states of conflict, getting combative in expressing their issues with the other parties involved.

Hill tells us, "'The Beast Inside' talks about that part of us, deep inside, that we suppress every day. That first impulsive, negative thought that we shake off. Sometimes we act before our conscience has a chance to step in, and we end up doing horrible things we never dreamed we were capable of doing.”

"The Beast Inside" features on the album of the same name, which serves as the band's full-length debut. The disc drops tomorrow (Nov. 3) via Fearless Records and you can pre-order the disc via Amazon and iTunes or with bundle options here. Though there's just a lone show in their hometown of Richmond, Va. on Nov. 12 on their tour schedule, stay tuned here for updates on the band's touring.