Canada's Necronomicon have been around since 1988, but didn't truly get kicking until the turn of the millennium, releasing their debut record, Pharaoh of Gods in 1999. Bursting onto the scene with brute force, they've remained uncompromising at the hands of founding member Rob 'The Witch' Tremblay. Now set to unchain their fifth record, Necronomicon continue their upward trajectory with Advent of the Human God, streaming exclusively in the player above right here at Loudwire, and due out via Season of Mist on March 18 in Europe and March 25 in North America.

Boasting 11 tracks in a swirling cacophony of death metal and tastefully placed synth work, Advent of the Human God is arguably the band's finest hour... well, 40 minutes. With the introductory track "The Descent" setting the tone, it gradually builds to the climax that leads into "Advent of the Human God (The Heart of Darkness)." Necronomicon's signature riffing style with the fusion of melody and devastating rhythm is immediately in play as the synths weave their way in and out of the track.

Necronomicon impose their will on other cuts like "Unification of the Four Pillars" and the single "Crown of Thorns" with riffing comparable to Angelcorpse, Nox and Lecherous Nocturne for those unfamiliar with the band's work. With the more symphonic elements in play, they cleverly chose to cover Celtic Frost's "Innocence and Wrath," the bombastic, bellowing, horn-led opener off the mighty To Mega Therion. Placed just before the closing track on Advent of the Human God, the cover does well to offer a brief reprieve before "Alchemy of the Avatar" finishes things off.

Mainman Rob the Witch delved into the philosophy behind Advent of the Human God, telling Loudwire, "Humanity can challenge the imposed system that has been forced and imposed on us since birth. Most humans are forced into religion and politics: a system based on religion controlling what you think, how you should think and believe what is good or not accordingly to their rules. Laws have been made based on moral, dictated by religions and, with time, applied in governments and politics. How long will mankind stay a slave and refuse to embrace its own power to become one with the great all? We are part of the universal creation, we are one with all and all in one. We are gods, dark gods, and it is our duty to thin the herd."

Pre-orders for Advent of the Human God can be placed here.

Necronomicon, Advent of the Human God

Season of Mist
Season of Mist

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