It’s certainly not news that alcohol and drug use go hand in hand with concerts, but a recent study by the folks at is shining a light on some interesting statistics about which drugs are used by fans at shows across genres. Note: All information and graphics were obtained through a study conducted by

The study surveyed nearly 1,000 people about their substance use at live music events and asked their average age when first consuming alcohol or drugs at concerts and why they chose these substances. Fifty-one percent of respondents were female and all range in age from 18 to 82, with an average age of 37.

Fifty-seven percent of people attending live music events admitted to using alcohol or drugs with more than 93 percent consuming alcohol. Marijuana is by far the drug most connected with live music with 40 percent of music fans using cannabis at shows, while just under eight percent use hallucinogens like MDMA, referred to as Molly or ecstasy.

EDM tops heavy metal as the most intoxicated genre with over 67 percent of fans using drugs. Over 62 percent of metal fans are under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at concerts and just over 60 percent of alternative and indie rock fans indulge at shows.

Alcohol is the drug of choice for most heavy metal fans, who are on average 19-years-old -- the youngest of all genres -- when first drinking or taking drugs at a show. Alternative rock fans are just under 21, when first experimenting with drugs at concerts.

Another interesting statistic is that two in five people attending heavy metal and indie rock shows admitted they use drugs or drink alcohol to reduce feelings of social anxiety, while 77 percent of people going to jazz or EDM shows use drugs to enhance their enjoyment. According to the study, the dangers of using drugs to deal with anxiety or depression is that over time a higher dose will be needed to recreate those effects, which is unhealthy and dangerous.

In 2017, the number of deaths involving all drugs increased by nearly 10,000 to over 72,000. If you or someone you know is currently dealing with substance issues, there are tools and resources available to provide information and assistance – from knowing the signs and symptoms of drug use to seeking professional help with treatment. To learn more click here.

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