Has Nick Menza spilled the beans on who will be playing on Megadeth's new album? The former Megadeth drummer was rumored to be playing on the disc, but it now appears as though he thinks that Lamb of God's Chris Adler will be sitting behind the kit for the disc.

Recent rumors have suggested that Adler and Angra guitarist Kiko Loureiro are the ones filling the void left by Shawn Drover and Chris Broderick, who left the group last fall. According to the rumors, Adler would only be recording with the band but would not be their touring drummer. Menza definitely added fuel to the fire of the Adler rumor with a new video posting online. He titled a post, "Maybe I can play on Lamb of God's new album?"

Below the video of him checking out his new snare drum on "Sleishman," he added in the comments section of the clip, "Well since Adler is playing on Megadeth new album do I get to play on Lamb of God new album? I'm down for it. Chris, you rock! One of my favorite drummers. Good luck bro."

In a recent chat, bassist David Ellefson stated that the new album was "pretty much written" and added, "To me the record has to be great, and that will determine, I think, from that, where the lineup goes. We're very aware of what a lot of people are hoping we do."

Toward the end of February, Dave Mustaine teased that an album announcement would be coming within the week, but as of yet, no official announcement has been made on the lineup or the album.

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