Nickelback recently performed during the halftime show for the Thanksgiving Day Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers match-up, but not without a little drama that including an online petition trying to prevent them from performing along with their own Funny or Die clip in response.

The whole situation opened the door for some creativity, too, including an alternative halftime option in the form of a Motown tribute to Nickelback. Scott Bradlee and his musically inclined friends recorded their version of the Nickelback tune ‘How You Remind Me’ Motown style and offered it up for the halftime show as “an alternative that is bound to make both sides happy.”

Nickelback set to tambourines and saxophone takes some getting use to; you have to hear it it to believe it. Watch the video for yourself below and answer this question: Is that one happy tambourine player or what?

Watch 'A Motown Tribute to Nickelback':