Following Clive Burr’s departure from Iron Maiden, fans were skeptical about a new guy on the stool. Nicko McBrain dazzled fans in 1983 with ‘Where Eagles Dare’ off ‘Piece of Mind.’ His frantic drumwork opened the album and dashed any doubts about a new drummer. He has never let up one bit in the last 30 years, still playing the classics note for note live. Nicko is also vehemently against using a double bass pedal. ‘Age of Innocence’ is the lone exception to the rule, but anything else you hear from Maiden features all single pedal footwork. That’s right, all those gallops are just one pedal!

Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose plays his kit like he’s trying to shatter it onstage every night. Remove the drumkit and he looks like a man desperately in need of a straightjacket. Not many play with as much intensity as Rose does. He locks into a groove, taking cues from former Sepultura drummer Igor Cavalera. His swinging rhythms and restraint from overplaying have given Sevendust their signature sound. Whatever company endorses him must have an employee who’s sole job is to ship out new symbols to whatever venue Sevendust are playing the next night.

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