The promising life and career of Nightvision bassist Dean Hocking (pictured at far left above) has tragically been cut short after the musician was involved in a fatal car accident early Thursday morning (Dec. 27) in Sleaford, England.

According to the Sleaford Standard, the accident occurred near 2:50AM when a Vauxhall Astra carrying Hocking and a 37-year-old unidentified male passenger left the road. A 27-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of causing the death due to careless driving. However it was not clear if she was driving the car or was involved in another vehicle that caused the accident. Both Hocking and the 37-year-old male passenger were killed.

The band originally formed in 2003, but their most popular lineup took shape in 2006 when singer Dave McKee joined the group. In the time since, Nightvision has primarily released music and toured in the U.K. Their sophomore set, 'Consequence of Sin,' arrived in 2011 and the band spent most of 2012 supporting it.

In a joint statement on Facebook, the band members explain:

There is nothing we can say that hasn't been said already other than to confirm the devastating and crushing loss of our incredible bass player, Dean Hocking, tragically taken from us as a passenger in a road accident during the early hours. Needless to say he was an incredible bass player -- one of the best -- and an incredible bloke.

We obviously need the time to get this round our heads but in the meantime … wherever you are … get a drink and raise it high as a toast to a fine, young, talented guy gone too soon. Turn it up to 11 and rumble the heavens our brother. We love you dude and we are gonna miss you like you'll never know. -- Daryl, Dave and Bolda. X.

Police are currently seeking any other witnesses to determine what happened in the accident.

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