Nikki Sixx has named five of his favorite Motley Crue deep cuts, responding to a fan's question on X (formerly Twitter).

The founding Crue bassist often answers fan questions on X and when asked about his favorite Motley song, Sixx countered by shouting out a handful of tracks that don't get as much recognition as the litany of hits the band has authored.

"That's a really hard question," Sixx admits, noting that time has a way of reframing perspective when looking back on it all, adding, "So many years between all of them and hearing us change with time as well."

"The hits we all know," he continues, "but some of the deep tracks I love too."

Naming one song off four different studio albums as well as one that appeared on a 2005 compilation, Sixx singles out "Starry Eyes," "Louder Than Hell," "Danger," "Sick Love Song" and "Generation Swine."

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One fan was excited to see Sixx give these songs some attention, expressing hope that Motley Crue will play some deep cuts live. The bassist assured them, "We will," but didn't say which songs fans can expect to enter the setlist.

How Many Times Have Nikki Sixx's Favorite Motley Crue Deep Cuts Been Played Live?

"Starry Eyes" (Too Fast For Love)

  • 66th most-played song live (25 times)

"Louder Than Hell" (Theatre of Pain)

  • 21st most-played song live (449 times)

"Danger" (Shout At the Devil)

  • never played live

"Sick Love Song" (Red, White & Crue)

  • 27th most-played song live (238 times)

"Generation Swine" (Generation Swine)

  • 49th most-played song live (50 times)

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