Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx sat down for a new interview with the website For Bass Players Only, and during the conversation, the bassist spoke about Crue’s final tour, his plans for the future and if the band would ever consider touring again.

Sixx talked about the reasoning behind Motley deciding this would be their farewell trek, “Well, you know it started with the idea of pride and it started with the idea of us not wanting to be what we’ve seen before us, which is people kinda hobbling off into the sunset…. It’s human nature to want to keep going, but you have to fight against the ‘I’m just gonna keep doing it’ when you know the possibility of not looking great on the way out. It’s better to pull it in a couple years too early, and that’s really what we’re doing.”

When pressed as to whether they really were absolutely finished touring together after this Final Tour, the bassist had this to say: “Every version of that question has been asked and there’s all the trick questions – ‘Would you do it for $100 million for five shows in Dubai?’ Y’know, let’s just get to the core of it: Do you want us to renege on our word? We don’t want to. I don’t need to name the bands that have. It’s obvious. It’s okay if they want to do that, and it’s okay if their fans accept it."

He went on, "For us, we didn’t want to do that…. If it was just about money it would be different. But it’s not about money. It’s about credibility. And, you know, the next day after we take our final bow, I’m gonna look at my band members and say, ‘Wow, dudes, everything we said the first day we got together, the very first band rehearsal, we did it.’"

Sixx did say that while they may not be touring together after the completion of these shows, they are still planning to work together. “We actually have a lot of great things we have in front of us, including our movie," he explains. "And if something comes up and we want to write a song for something, that’s an opportunity we can look at. We want to keep extending our brand into different places, into movies and soundtracks and our music will live on through licensing and our brand lives on through merchandise." Check out the full interview here.

In between the final Motley Crue shows, Nikki's other band Sixx: A.M. will tour. They kick things off on April 8 in San Francisco and play throughout the month of April. Meanwhile, the next leg of Crue's Final Tour kicks off May 9 in New Zealand.

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