Motley Crue and Sixx: AM bassist Nikki Sixx has been putting pen to paper once again to create two new books. Having already published the scathing memoir 'The Heroin Diaries,' and 'This Is Gonna Hurt' (a collection of photography and insight), Sixx's next book may see a release date as soon as May 2012.

Whereas many rock stars of his legendary status make an effort to avoid their fans, Sixx actively communicates with his followers on his Facebook and Twitter pages. The official announcement of his latest written project was made after a fan named Nicki asked Sixx, "WHEN IS YOUR NEXT BOOK COMING?!!!!"

"Nicki, Hello....I am working on it now....I am hoping to release it somewhere between May-June 2012," Sixx responded. "I am writing two books as we speak actually....The 2nd book will be out in 2013....Neither book is like anything i have done before ( i guess you can say the same thing about 'The Heroin Diaries' and 'This is gonna hurt' too )...I pride myself on not writing the same book over & over and also not using a ghost writer..Of course it takes longer, but raw honesty through words is what i am driven to publish...After i get it all out on paper i use a trusted editor to help me carve it into a palatable experience…"

Stay in touch with Nikki Sixx through his Facebook and Twitter pages, where breaking news is bound to pop up at any time.

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