Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor is the master of the sneak attack when it comes to releasing music online with little notice. But in 2009, he offered an album called Strobe Light, which was nothing more than a pretty humorous ruse for April Fool's Day.

There were plenty of signs that Reznor was having a bit of fun. A description for the disc reads: "To download NIN's new full length album Strobe Light, produced by Timbaland, enter a valid email address in the fields below. A download link will be sent to you immediately. Your credit card will be charged $18.98 plus a $10 digital delivery convenience fee. Your files will arrive as Windows Media Files playable on quite a few players with your name embedded all over them just in case you lose them. You will also receive an exclusive photo and a free email account with our partner Google's Gmail service. Your email will be kept confidential and will not be used for spam, unless we can make some money selling it."

The album has a track list and some pretty impressive special guests as well. Chris Martin, Jay-Z and Bono turn up on a track called "Everybody's Doing It." Sheryl Crow rocks out on "Pussygrinder," Justin Timberlake and Maynard James Keenan lend their talents to "Even Closer," Alicia Keys is on a song called "Still Hurts" and a bizarre pairing of Fergie and Ministry's Al Jourgensen help make up a track called "Laid, Paid and Played." Other song titles offer a nod to Reznor's dark side, including "Black T-Shirt," "Coffin on the Dancefloor" and "Feel Like Being Dead Again." But sadly, it's all a fake.

For those who get far enough into the prank without realizing what's going on, if you enter your e-mail, you'll be directed to a blue "Fatal Exception" computer screen asking you terminate your application or restart your computer. This is all spelled out under the error title, "Aprl_Fls."

Check it out for yourself at this location.

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