Some of Trent Reznor's songs may be on the darker side, which could be why they're the perfect compliment to some of the lightest, bounciest, catchiest songs in the pop world.

A few years back, you might recall Nine Inch Nails' 'Head Like a Hole' becoming part of a popular mashup with Carly Rae Jepsen's inescapable pop ditty 'Call Me Maybe.' Now it looks like it's happening all over again with the Nine Inch Nails' 'Lost Highway' soundtrack song 'The Perfect Drug' getting an infusion of lightness from Taylor Swift's recent omnipresent single 'Shake It Off.'

In this mashup, Reznor's vocals and lyrics dominate, with Swift's music providing most of the background, though the pop princess' vocals do come in from time to time and are more prominent at the end. The creator, who guys by the name Isosine, manages to mix in visuals from both song's videos, as well. To hear more of Isosine's mash-up work, including the popular Slipknot-Justin Bieber mash-up 'Psychosocial Baby,' click here.

Take a listen to this surprisingly effective mash-up in the player above. And then catch a few more of the best rock and metal mash-ups by clicking the button at the bottom of this post.

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