Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor is currently riding high after releasing 'Hesitation Marks' earlier this week, but in the lead-up to the new record, Reznor reportedly had some issues with Scottish alternative rock giants Biffy Clyro at this year's Reading Festival.

The 2013 Reading Festival, along with Leeds, was held from Aug. 23 - 25. After performing at Leeds' Aug. 23 date, Nine Inch Nails were one of the closing acts for Reading's Aug. 25 festival date. This may sound odd to U.S. audiences, but instead of Nine Inch Nails closing out Reading's final date on the main stage, Biffy Clyro were chosen as the date's headliner. This caused a bit of tension between Reznor and Biffy Clyro concerning Nine Inch Nails' stage setup.

According to Faster Louder, Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil responded to Reznor's claims. “I think he basically spat his dummy out,” says Neil. “Nine Inch Nails are a huge band and they’ve been headlining loads of festivals everywhere and I think their manager or someone told him they weren’t headlining Reading and Leeds, god forbid, and he basically spat his dummy out and decided to take it out on us … He played with us on the Friday night and there was no problem. He didn’t care about the Leeds bands obviously and he knew damn fine who we were, so I think he was just being obnoxious.”

Neil continues, ”I was dying to tweet back to him all day … but we just wanted to focus on our show. We thought, ‘Well you might not know who we are now, but I guarantee by the end of today you’ll know exactly who we are,’ that was our plan … We’re not naive, Trent Reznor operates in a different world to the rest of them. He lives in Beverly Hills, he’s won Oscars and all that. And he’s just brought the band back together. So maybe for a split second [we were offended], but to be honest we’ve kind of had enough of that happening through the years that it didn’t bother us so much."

Nine Inch Nails' 'Hesitation Marks' is available now.