Frances Bean Cobain has tried her hand at many different artistic pursuits over the years – visual artist, singer, 'Rolling Stone' intern – but a new spread of dramatic black-and-white photos recently taken by Dior Homme designer-cum-photographer Hedi Slimane points to a new possible career for the most famous of famous rock offspring: fashion model.

The sole child of Hole frontwoman Courtney Love and late Nirvana star Kurt Cobain has stayed out of the spotlight recently despite a watershed 18th birthday which saw her inherit 37% of her father’s multimillion dollar estate. In the last few years, she’s also debuted a collection of artwork titled ‘Scumf---’ under the pseudonym ‘Fiddle Tim’ at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles and made her singing debut offering backing vocals on a song by Evelyn Evelyn, a group featuring Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls.

Despite that, very little is known about the young Cobain; even a Twitter account attributed to her, which seems to suggest she currently resides in London, is set to private.

But it’s the photo spread that really shows just how much Frances Bean has grown up. With raven-shaded hair, big eyes, a pale sheen and sporting more tattoo ink than her parents combined, FBC looks not only like the perfect amalgamation of her famous parents but also amazingly like her own beautiful person, ready to move away from the shadow of inherited fame and stake out on her own.

Whether it’s as an artist, singer, model or something completely different – that’s entirely up to her to decide. Kurt wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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