This Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks play the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship, and one Milwaukee radio station is taking their cheesehead loyalty to an extreme.

94.5 the Lake has announced their ‘Say No to Seattle’ campaign, during which they won’t play any music from bands who hail from Seattle. Yes, that means no Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Jimi HendrixHeart and more. [via SFGate]

In a post on the radio station’s website, they explain the reason for the campaign: “To help change the karma and give the Packers all the support they need for Sunday's big title game, 94.5 The Lake has chosen to 'Say No to Seattle.' No Nirvana, no Pearl Jam, no Heart, until the Packers beat the Seahawks on Sunday! Go Pack Go!”

Seattle is also gearing up for the game with a ban of their own. Reuters is reporting that a city near Seattle has banned cheese in their municipal headquarters. The city manager of Bainbridge Island created executive order 121212, which bans the consumption and possession of cheese inside Bainbridge Island’s City Hall. Seahawks fans may notice that the order is named after the team's legendary ‘12th Man’ fan base.

Tune in to see the Packers play the Seahawks for the NFC title, this Sunday at 3PM Eastern on Fox.

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