Much of Nirvana's history has been combed over, but on occasion there will be something noteworthy that's unearthed and shared with fans online. A trio of clips have surfaced online via the YouTube account RareNirvana.

Alternative Nation reports on an alternate mix of the song "Marigold" which was composed by Dave Grohl and features him on lead vocals. The track was initially written by Grohl and released under the pseudonym Late! in 1992 on an album called Pocketwatch. Within Nirvana's history, the track resurfaced in 1993 as a b-side to "Heart-Shaped Box" with Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic joining Grohl on the song. Foo Fighters fans will also recognize the song from its inclusion on the Skin & Bones live album.

In the mix heard above, Grohl handles vocal, guitar and drum duties, with Novoselic on bass and Kera Schaley lending a hand on cello. It was recorded in February of 1993 at Pachyderm Recording Studio in Cannon Falls, Minn.

Alternative Nation also uncovered two other rare Nirvana gems. In an interview with Portuguese Radio in January of 1994, Dave Grohl discusses coming to terms with the band's rise to fame. You can hear the interview in the player below. And speaking of radio, there's also a clip of Kurt Cobain dropping by KAOS Olympia Community Radio performing Nirvana's "Dumb" that can be heard as well. Check out both clips below.

Dave Grohl on Portuguese Radio, January 1994

Kurt Cobain, "Dumb" on KAOS Olympia Community Radio

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