Noel Gallagher has been adamant about not going back to Oasis after one major final blowout with his brother Liam in 2009, so his acerbically witty response to the Foo Fighters discussion of starting a petition to reunite the band at last week's Reading Festival should not be a surprise.

While performing in San Diego, Noel spoke to the crowd, first asking, "Any Oasis fans in the house?" He then continued, "Is anyone gonna sign that petition Dave Grohl wants to get together to get us back together. I'd like to start a petition to get the Foo Fighters to split up." You can watch video posted by a concertgoer in the Oasis subreddit below.

The Foo Fighters started the Oasis reunion discussion with drummer Taylor Hawkins pointing to a photo on his drum of the Oasis siblings Liam and Noel Gallagher during last week's Reading Festival. "One of these days we'll get Oasis back," stated Hawkins, suggesting the petition, with Dave Grohl asking how many people wanted to see them play again as the crowd erupted.

Noel Gallagher is currently touring with his High Flying Birds band, having released the Black Star Dancing EP in June with a second EP, This Is the Place, set to follow on Sept. 27.

Liam Gallagher, meanwhile, is promoting his forthcoming solo album, Why Me? Why Not?, due Sept. 20, and his recently released documentary As It Was.

Oasis' breakout debut album, Definitely Maybe, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week.

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