NOFX frontman Fat Mike has entered detox for drug and alcohol abuse. As of this posting, Mike is on Day Six and has been Instagramming his progress the entire time.

Fat Mike has long been open about his drug and alcohol use. As documented in NOFX’s Backstage Passport show and the band’s new memoir, The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories, Mike’s regimented substance use often involved alcohol, painkillers and cocaine while on tour. In The Hepatitis Bathtub, Mike’s NOFX bandmates write that Mike does indeed have a problem, while Mike mostly shrugs off the issue. We’re not sure what caused Mike to enter detox, but he’s there and working towards a sober life.

Fat Mike’s rehab reveal came on May 18 with a video through Instagram:

Detox: day 1, sleep, shit, sleep shit, sleep, shit, sleep, nap, shit, taco night, shit, sleep.

A video posted by Michael Burkett (@fatmikedude) on

Mike checked in with fans again on Day Three:

Day 3 in detox fucking sucks ass! and thanks so much for all the positive comments. Means a lot. :) A video posted by Michael Burkett (@fatmikedude) on

On Day Four, Mike went out for a hike and even went surfing:

Earlier this morning, Mike shared how detox is still immensely difficult on Day Six:

Why do I feel FUCKING worse than yesterday?!?!? Not funny anymore! FUCK day 6!!!!!!

A photo posted by Michael Burkett (@fatmikedude) on

In the comments section of Mike’s latest post, he thanked fans for all the positive messages he’s received over the past six days:

Hey, sincerely, thanks y'all. It actually does help so much hearing so many nice thoughts and wishes. I really appreciate it. :)

Head over to Fat Mike’s Instagram or Twitter to send the NOFX legend a supportive message. Stay strong, Mike!

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