Of Mice & Men recently bowed out of their European tour after singer Austin Carlile could no longer endure the pain caused by his ongoing issues related to Marfan Syndrome. The genetic disorder affects the connective tissues, and in the past the singer had a piece of his rib removed and heart surgery to deal with some of the physical issues he was facing.

In a new social media update, Carlile reveals that he's undergoing additional surgeries, this time dealing with issues related to his spine. On Friday (Oct. 21), Carlile tweeted that he was undergoing multiple surgeries that were designed to fix three major tears. He tweeted about the doctors doing "blood patching" to help deal with the tears and in a separate tweet that has since been removed, he added that the affected regions were the base of his neck/back of the head, mid-back between the 11 and 12 veterbrae and the lower back just above the tailbone. His tweet can be seen below.

In addition, Carlile posted a photo from the hospital, and also shared some of the gifts he's received both from members of Linkin Park and from DC Comics, who gave him plenty of reading material to help pass the time during his recovery. See those photos below:

We at Loudwire send our best to Austin Carlile and wish for a healthy and speedy recovery.

Update: Austin Carlile has checked in with a series of tweets after his recent surgeries. Check them out below:

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