Advances in technology may make life easier for people, but have we gotten too sucked in to our devices? Of Mice & Men take that idea and run with it in their new video for 'Broken Generation,' which just debuted at Billboard.

The Max Moore-directed video finds a world in which everyone is plugged in, literally, with the personal focus more on what's going on online rather than any interactive communication with other humans. But eventually two of the videos characters decide to rebel, unplug from their extension chords, trace it back to the source and attempt to do something about it.

Drummer Tino Arteaga calls the clip "a wake-up call" and adds, "The video is a metaphor for the current state of the Internet/technology-obsessed generation. As technology advances, life is lived out through LED screens instead of looking at the beauty in the world around us. This generation needs to begin taking action and 'unplug' instead of mindlessly entering data into computers."

'Broken Generation' will appear on 'Restoring Force: Full Circle,' the upcoming reissue of their 'Restoring Force' disc. Look for the effort in stores and online on Feb. 24. You can pre-order it here.