There's still a wait before most of us will hear Of Mice & Men's next studio album and while most of us can reluctantly wait it out a while longer, there's one fan who doesn't have that luxury. So the band did something about it.

Thanks to the LTD Foundation and Of Mice & Men, a teen girl by the name of Cassy was the first person outside of the group and those who worked on the disc to hear the band's next effort. Cassy was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2014 and then later, at the age of 14, she was told this past January that she might not survive another six months.

Over the years, Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile and the group have established a relationship with Cassy and when they learned of her diagnosis, they teamed with the LTD Foundation to put together a special day.

As the foundation reports, it all started "with the awesome room and gift bags from the nice people at Crown Plaza Saddle Brook Hotel, then over to a private lunch at one of her fav’s California Pizza Kitchen where she was even awarded her very own CPK chef coat and hat. But undeniably, the most memorable for Cassy was the private listening party given to her by her favorite band Of Mice & Men. Cassy is the Very 1st Person to hear their New Album!"

They go on to reveal that the band surprised her with a recording of Cassy clapping to the beat and told her that she'll forever be engraved onto one of their songs.

The foundation continues, "Today was a much needed day for Cassy, Mom, Cousin and Family, as was it for all involved ... Today was a day to forget all the stresses and problems of the World and to be surrounded by nothing but pure Love, Happiness and Joy... Today Cassy was disease free; Today Cassy was Living the Dream."

Check out photos and the full update from the day below:

As stated, Of Mice & Men have been working on a new album. However, to tide fans over they have a new concert disc, Live At Brixton, which will be available as of May 27. You can currently pre-order the effort here.

Having missed a good portion of touring in 2015 while Austin Carlile recovered from surgeries related to his Marfan Syndrome, the band is set to return to the stage later this month. After a few dates overseas, the band will join Slipknot and Marilyn Manson on tour this summer. See all of their tour dates here.

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