After last week's announcement that their third album 'Restoring Force' will be released on Jan. 28, Of Mice & Men have unleashed the lyric video for 'You're Not Alone' (watch above).

'You’re Not Alone,' which alternates between an uplifting refrain and guttural verse, touches on a larger theme for vocalist Austin Carlile. “The theme of the record is togetherness, working together, and being a family,” Carlile reveals. “I want our listeners to know they’re not alone. We’re all going through it with them.”

Carlile says the new album is a pivotal moment for the band. "Of Mice & Men has outgrown all of us,” Carlile says. “It’s bigger than the individuals comprising it. It’s bigger than the album. It has become its own thing. It’s more than just a rock group. I want this album to get people thinking and talking. It’s different. There are no cryptic messages. This is purely meant to move you.”

'Restoring Force’ was produced by David Bendeth (Papa Roach, ). “David is a character,” Carlile quips. “He brought out the best in us by pushing us to the absolute limit. That’s why we wanted to work with him from the beginning. He worked us, shaped us, and molded us. We loved him sometimes, and we hated him others. He helped us reach a new level though.”

Of Mice & Men will join Bring Me the Horizon for a North American tour starting Feb. 3 in Orlando, Fla.