Bring Me the Horizon received quite a bit of criticism last year with the release of their experimental album amo, but for those of you who are yearning for their heavier side — fear not. Frontman Oli Sykes has described their upcoming album as "aggressive" and a "protest record."

The band has been releasing video clips documenting footage of their time making the new albums. Yes, albums — they've previously confirmed that there will be multiple albums released in the near future. Anyway, in one of the videos from earlier this year, Sykes declared that he was bringing back the guttural vocals for the new songs.

In a new clip, the singer has assured that the new album is heavier in nature due to the circumstances that have been going on in the world throughout the recording process.

“This first record is very much a protest record,” he said. “It’s trying to capture the anger, sadness, frustration, fear, paranoia and everything I think we are all collectively going through right now. For me it's really important that we capture that not just in the lyrics, but also sonically that it really illustrates the vibe."

Sykes then added that going forward, each of the new albums will have a "very different tone."

Watch the full video below. Bring Me the Horizon's new single "Parasite Eve" drops tomorrow, June 25.

Bring Me the Horizon Studio Clip

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