We've got a new song from Opeth! It's been two months since the Swedish progressive metallers released a new single from their upcoming full-length 'Pale Communion,' so the premiere of 'Eternal Rains' comes as a very welcomed treat.

Opeth have been fan and critic favorites for over 20 years, releasing 10 albums of metal's most inventive modern music. However, as a band that constantly changes styles, Opeth's many releases have proven to be polarizing. In 2011, Opeth released 'Heritage,' which seemingly split fans down the middle with the album's heavy focus on progressive rock elements and no guttural vocals from frontman Mikael Akerfeldt. 'Pale Communion' features no guttural vocals either.

'Eternal Rains' dwells in a similar realm to 'Cusp of Eternity,' the first single released in support of 'Pale Communion.' The song focuses very much on progression while a fantastic vocal performance by Akerfeldt and rich harmonies complete the new song. If you want to hear the influence of Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson, 'Eternal Rains' showcases that dynamic front-and-center.

For some reason, about one second of the new song is cut off at the beginning, resulting in an awkward start, but no worries, the album version is clean as can be.

Listen to Opeth's 'Eternal Rains' in the player above! 'Pale Communion' will see an Aug. 26 release date. To pre-order the album, click here.

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