Origin are looking back to their early history with the Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence retrospective set, which unearths material that pre-dates the band's first release and even the band entirely. Hear "Infestation," debuting at Loudwire, above.

The sub-two-minute cut isn't far from what Origin fans would expect - spastic, accented arrangements culminating in rapturous brutality. "Infestation," which was recorded under the name Necrotomy between 1991 and 1992, is a bit more reckless and goes back to a time where bands were still defining what extreme metal meant.

The collection will come out on May 3 through Agonia Records and pre-orders can be placed here.

Check out the artwork and track listing for Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence directly below and read our interview with guitarist Paul Ryan at the bottom of the page. Bear witness to Origin's primal live fury supporting Deicide with Jungle Rot and The Absence at these dates.

Origin, Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence Artwork + Track Listing

Agonia Records
Agonia Records

1. "Insanity"*
2. "Mauled"**
3. "Autopsied Alive"**
4. "Spastic Regurgitation"*
5. "Bleed as Me"*
6. "Mind Asylum"*
7. "Infestation"*
8. "Murderer"**
A Coming Into Existence
9. "Lethal Mainpulation the Bone Crusher Chronicles"***
10. "Sociocide"***
11. "Manimal Instincts"***
12. "Inner Reflections The Pain from Within"***
* Necrotomy (pre-Origin) 1990-91.
**Thee Abomination (pre-Origin) 1992-93.
*** Origin 1997-98.

The tech-death scene is obviously very different today than the early and mid '90s. Every kid can shred today, but they look to other tech-death bands for a lot of that inspiration. What initially drove you to this complex style of playing? Were advanced guitar teachers around in your area?

I was raised around music as my mother played piano, drums and sang. So it was always a part of my life early on as I started taking drum lessons around the age of 5. Later I played viola and then I started playing guitar in the '80s and was able to learn most things by ear. If I couldn’t figure it out I would watch Headbangers Ball and record the video and watch the guitar solos frame by frame for help.

Today, everything is accessible, so it’s a lot easier to obtain the knowledge to get to your desired skill level via YouTube or you can reach out to instructors via social media for personal lessons. It's so much easier now to become a great guitarist as long as you are dedicated to practicing.

Kansas, or Topeka, more specifically, was always a talented music city and I feel like it starts with the band Kansas. I know that sounds out of context as "Dust in the Wind" and "Carry on Wayward Son" are far, far away from Origin, but there were talented bands in my area that just didn’t get recognized in the big spotlight.

As the old Roadrunner ad said, “Some music was meant to be underground” and Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence has now been unearthed.

This material has been lying around for upward of nearly 30 years. Why is now the right time to revisit it?

[Record label] Agonia has been inquiring since Omnipresent was released in 2014 about putting out A Coming Into Existence and had asked if there was any bonus material. I said I have some pre-Origin material recorded sitting around and it just grew from there...

If your music isn’t recorded in this era it just doesn’t exist, and I wanted to have my musical digital footprint out there for myself and for the fans of Origin.

There’s also a retro vibe going on in death metal, and I felt like it was time to show the origins of Origin as I understand that where death metal is in 2019 is so far different than where it started in the '80s. So, I thought it would show the changes in sounds that I have created for nearly three decades and completes the Origin discography.

I feel like every Origin album has brought about subtle changes with time and Abiogenesis shows differences even with A Coming Into Existence how a band can expand and change in good ways although different.

What has changed the most about your approach to playing/writing since writing songs like "Infestation?"

Well, there were limitations back then to what could be done physically, especially for drummers. The gear back then, especially drum pedals, were designed for slow rock paced drums. "Infestation" is kind of a merging of my earliest influences (Kreator, Voivod and Crytpic Slaughter) with what I call the second wave of extreme metal (Napalm Death, Carcass, Deicide) with dual vocals.

I feel like in some ways I’ve gone back a little with creating more dynamics in the songs more with current Origin as there was an era of Origin that is just all blasts (which I still love and do). I think I've got to try new twists and turns to keep our fans on edge. Some will like the changes and some will hate them, but in this day and age it’s so easy to push NEXT comparably from when I grew up. You can choose whatever you want to listen to!

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