Filter already have an album titled Title of Record, but they could use your help with their next disc. The band has just launched a PledgeMusic campaign for their upcoming release and they're seeking input for the potential album title.

This is a special release for longtime fans of the band, as founding member Richard Patrick has reignited his friendship and working partnership with Brian Liesgang, marking their first collaboration in over 20 years.

Though the pair had been experimenting with the idea of doing something, they got a swift kick of truth from Veruca Salt's Louise Post at one of her shows, when she pointed out the pair and stopped her show to admonish them for not moving forward together. She challenged them to "bury any bullshit, forget the crap and get their shit together," which led to a more serious conversation about new music between the musicians on the way home.

The pair earned rave reviews for Filter's debut disc Short Bus and they've been referring to their renewed partnership as "reBus." However, according to their PledgeMusic description, the pair have no interest in "revisiting a halcyon past of yesteryear" and bristle a bit at the idea of calling it a reunion. Instead, it's a "focused undertaking" and "a sort of homecoming."

They describe their vision as "a call to arms," inspired by the world around them but not making mandates for either side of the political spectrum. "Filter simply advocates and encourages active thought and participating in changing the world we all share together. Decisions are yours to be made. Please just make them well informed," states the description, later adding, "This album is sonic outrage in the face of sheer idiocy. It is expressed incredulity to events transpiring in what could rather be a damn amazing time of opportunity, change and understanding. Seems instead we inhabit a world gone wrong in ways that even fiction has failed to venture or imagine."

The PledgeMusic site concludes, "They are making music they are damn proud of. They would like you to participate with them in this together. Celebrate making sense of the chaos, and help them make melody from the noise of the outside world."

Fans can also get involved by purchasing merch and placing pre-orders for the eventual album, as well as picking up items related to the band's Short Bus debut disc. View the store and get up to date on Filter's new album featuring both Patrick and Liesgang here.

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