If you've been wondering when Ron Lipnicki was going to make his return to Overkill, you're not the only one. The thrash vets had enlisted the services of Eddy Garcia as a live member over the last year and now the drum throne has been locked down as Overkill have recruited Shadows Fall and Flotsam and Jetsam skinsman Jason Bittner.

"Overkill would like to announce its newest member, behind the kit and steering the ship, Jason 'Sticks' Bittner," frontman Bobby Blitz began. "We wholeheartedly would like to thank Eddy 'The Mexicutioner' Garcia for holding down the ship and keeping the momentum up for the band over this past year plus. Eddy has and always will be part of the Overkill machine. Jason is a long time friend of the band and his abilities have always spoke for themselves. Let the touring continue ... onward-upward!"

Bittner matched Blitz's enthusiasm in a statement of his own, adding, "When my phone rang about two months ago and Blitz said 'Hey, me and D.D. [Verni] are wondering if you would be interested in joining?' It really didn't take much for me to write back a one word answer.........ABSOLUTELY! I am extremely excited to be a part, once again, of thrash metal history and I can not wait to get out on the road and wreck stages across the world with the 'Mean Green Killing Machine!'"

This is the first lineup change in Overkill since Lipnicki joined the group in 2005, replacing longtime drummer Tim Mallare. He played on five albums in total: Immortalis (2007), Ironbound (2010), The Electric Age (2012), White Devil Armory (2014) and, most recently, The Grinding Wheel, which was released earlier this year.

Congratulations to Jason Bittner and well wishes towards Ron Lipnicki and Eddy Garcia in their future endeavors!

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