On the 40th anniversary of the 1972 Black Sabbath release ‘Vol. 4,’ Ozzy Osbourne reflected with a popular radio show on the band’s legendary career, while also touching on an array of subjects from being vilified by the general public to his struggles with drugs and alcohol throughout his career.

Osbourne told the 'Redbeard’s in the Studio' radio show, “My life has been one incredible adventure, from being one level in life going back to all of a suddenly having a car, flying first class, doing all this exciting stuff. I was just like a dream come true but it was a dream come true." He added, “The early part of the success is so much fun. The first two Sabbath albums were great fun because it was so new and we all had such a laugh."

It wasn’t long before things got a little heavy though, as Osbourne continued to explain, “All of a sudden it becomes deadly serious because people start telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing. If anyone is listening to this and you crack the egg, man, you enjoy those first few years because you never recapture them again. I’ve been very lucky, man."

Talking about the history of Black Sabbath and what happened along the way, Osbourne was very honest, sharing, “What happened with me and Black Sabbath was that, in the beginning we all had a purpose, but as it went along that inevitable thing stepped in called ego. The fact is that success does change you.” He continued, “When you're hungry, you all have one goal, and that is to get successful. It affected me. I didn't give a s---.” The singer also stated that drugs played a big role in the band's problems at the time.

When it comes to public perception, Osbourne feels that people have him all wrong. "People take me too damn serious. I mean, I have sung songs about the darker forces but I've also written songs about everything across the spectrum from pollution to politics to war to poverty to happiness to a boy meets girl,” Ozzy explained. “What I've desperately tried to get across is that if you think you know Ozzy Osbourne, you're only scratching the surface because I don't even know Ozzy Osbourne. I so often frequently surprise me, you know?"

Throughout the interview, Osbourne talks about everything from the positive message behind the song ‘Suicide Solution’ that often gets lost to his fear of assassination after the murder of John Lennon. Check out the full interview here.