What an amazing election! After close calls, intense moments and incredible campaign efforts, the President of Heavy Metal has finally been elected. The winner is the one and only Ozzy Osbourne.

The Black Sabbath singer has captured the hearts of heavy metal music fans with his wailing voice and legendary debauchery, leading him to the evil office in a nail-bitingly close final round. Defeating GWAR's Oderus Urungus, Maynard James Keenan and Rob Halford in previous rounds, the final battle pitted Ozzy against Rob Zombie.

Zombie himself had defeated such legends as Bruce Dickinson, Dave Mustaine and Lemmy Kilmister on his way to the final round.

The lead changed hands a number of times as both Zombie and Ozzy began to actually campaign for the title of President, with Zombie's team creating custom graphics for multiple Facebook posts and Ozzy's team busting out an old 'Ozzy for President' button and enlisting the help of his wife Sharon and son Jack to collect votes via Twitter.

After roughly 100,000 votes, Ozzy edged out Zombie by a margin of 50.82 percent to 49.18 percent.

Congrats to the 'Prince of Darkness' for winning Loudwire's inaugural President of Heavy Metal Election and thanks to everyone who voted and made this whole race such a blast!

Full President of Heavy Metal Election Bracket:


Campaign Artwork:


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