Black Sabbath are currently in the midst of "The End," the world tour that will serve as the last of their historic music career. But though they may pack away the road cases, this may not be the last time we hear the Black Sabbath members collaborating musically.

In an interview with Rolling Stone Australia, Ozzy Osbourne states, "I'm not saying I'll never record with Tony or Geezer again. I just don't want to tour with Black Sabbath after this." That comment is of particular interest as the band decided not to release a new studio album to coincide with "The End" tour, with Geezer Butler later citing the logistics of trying to turn around a new album not really fitting within the window they had to tour.

Osbourne says the idea to play a final tour "just kind of happened," adding, "I don't want to drag it into the dirt. The best thing that happened to Sabbath the first time was we went our own ways for a while. It was good for them and good for me." When asked if the decision to stop touring was final, the singer responded, "You could put money on it."

Bassist Geezer Butler stated, "I thought the last tour was going to be the end. This time, we thought, 'Well, we got one more tour left in us. Let's go out and do it while we can." Looking ahead to the final date, Butler added, "It'll be bittersweet. I'm glad we're finishing on a high note, but sad that it's the end of what I've known for most of my life."

While Black Sabbath are touring, they're not the wild men they used to be. Osbourne says, "We're not killing ourselves. It doesn't get any easier physically. I don't know how the f--ing Stones do it." Butler chimes in, "Now we have private planes and the best suites in the best hotels, but the downside is there's no drugs and no women. You come offstage and have a cup of tea and go to bed."

Osbourne adds, "I was the f--king rebel for so many years. Now I can't understand why I was going out getting full of Jack Daniel's, having a bag of white powder and talking s--t till daybreak thinking that was fun. I would poke my f--king eyes out if I had to do that now."

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