As soon as the lineup was announced for Neil Young's 2014 Bridge School Benefit, there was plenty of speculation of whether or not Pearl Jam and Soundgarden would bring the members of their lineups together to perform the Temple of the Dog classic 'Hunger Strike.' This was, after all, the perfect setting for the song.

Young's Bridge School Benefit annually brings together some of the biggest names in music for an all-acoustic benefit and having the traditionally hard rocking Pearl Jam and Soundgarden on the bill provided the perfect setting to re-create this acoustic gem.

Over the weekend, Pearl Jam played six songs of their set before Eddie Vedder took the microphone and spoke about what a great experience it was to play the Bridge School Benefit and how it offered the opportunity to reconnect with old friends or even people "who live in your own neighborhood or used to." At that point, Pearl Jam welcomed Chris Cornell to the stage for the performance, which can be seen in the player above.

Temple of the Dog was conceived in 1990 with several members of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden coming together to salute late Seattle legend Andrew Wood of the band Mother Love Bone. In addition to Vedder and Cornell, who sang vocals on Temple of the Dog's biggest hit, the group also featured Jeff Ament, Mike McCready and drummer Matt Cameron.

Because of the nature of the band, live performances have been rare. After a few performances of the song in the '90s, the group played the track during a Santa Barbara stop in 2003, in Los Angeles in 2009 and again in 2011 in Alpine Valley, Wis. as part of Pearl Jam's PJ20 celebration. Both Cornell and Pearl Jam have performed 'Hunger Strike' with guest vocalists as well over the years.

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