There is buzz in the Pearl Jam universe, as the veteran rockers have set a countdown clock on their official website. There's been talk of a new Pearl Jam album for several months now, and it looks like Monday, July 8, might be the day the band's fans hear the first official news of a new disc and possibly a new tour.

The countdown points to some sort of announcement during the afternoon of July 8. Recent reports suggest that the band will be unleashing a single 'Mind Your Manners' on July 16, while (formerly Grunge Report) has been reporting a rumored Oct. 1 release date for a new album.

Guitarist Stone Gossard recently told the Illinois Entertainer that the album was "almost done" and that "it's going to be a great Pearl Jam record."

When the new Pearl Jam album is released, it will be the band's first studio disc since 2009's 'Backspacer,' which yielded the hit single 'The Fixer.'