Pearl Jam have begun streaming their live version of Mother Love Bone's 'Crown of Thorns' off the soundtrack to the band's forthcoming film, 'PJ20,' which will chronicle the years leading up to the band's formation and the chaos that ensued soon after their rise to stardom. The film, directed and produced by Cameron Crowe, is set to hit select theaters on Sept. 20, with the soundtrack dropping the same day.

'PJ20' will take fans up close and personal with the band's life and career, showing rarely-seen and never-before0seen footage spanning throughout their 20 years in the music business.

The cover of 'Crown of Thorns' is the first first track to be released from the 'PJ20' soundtrack and was recorded live at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on October 22, 2000.

"I asked Vedder about Andrew Wood, the late singer-songwriter of Mother Love Bone, whose passing left the place that Vedder would later fill," says Cameron Crowe in the CD booklet. "Though Vedder chose not to name the song, he did say there was one Wood composition he would be honored to sing 'one day.' He declined to say more."

Pearl Jam's cover of 'Crown of Thorns' can be heard in the audio stream below. Fans can pre-order their copy of the soundtrack and an accompanying book through the film's official website. The band will also be performing at a weekend celebration to mark their 20th anniversary Sept. 3-4 in East Troy, Wis.

Listen to Pearl Jam's Live Version of 'Crown of Thorns'