Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder is certainly outspoken with his personal ideology, and in a new video interview, the legendary frontman addressed the issue of guns. In a display of his passion for the subject, Vedder went as far as to say he almost wishes "bad things" upon gun owners who make the pro-gun argument that "it's fun."

Pearl Jam fans, and even casual MTV viewers from the early '90s, remember the music video for 'Jeremy,' which addressed gun control in the iconic clip. Twenty-two years later, Pearl Jam are set to release their 10th studio album, 'Lightning Bolt,' which will become available on Oct. 15. In one of a series of interviews to promote the album, Vedder spoke with professional surfer Mark Richards about the hot topic of guns in the United States.

“The fact that we’re living in a country where 90 percent of the people want further gun laws, to maybe somehow put a dent in some of this insanity that’s happening, and yet there’s no further legislation taking place, it’s very frustrating and upsetting,” Vedder tells professional surfer Mark Richards. “If I didn’t have music to kind of at least get some of the aggression out or take the edge off, you wouldn’t want me having a gun either.”

Vedder went on to argue against the position that guns are "fun," equating the defense to driving your cars 95 miles-per-hour on the road. He also spoke of the mass of accidents reported by gun owners nationwide. “I get so angry that I almost wish bad things upon these people, but I don’t have to because it seems like they happen anyways. It seems like every week I’m reading about a 4-year-old either shooting their sister, their dad, their dog, their brother or themselves, because there’s f---ing guns laying around. But I guess it’s ‘fun.’”

'Lightning Bolt' is currently streaming in full on iTunes, and the album will become available for purchase on Oct. 15. To listen to 'Lightning Bolt,' click here, hit the blue 'View in iTunes' button and click 'Listen Now' over the album's artwork once your iTunes player opens.