‘While My Heart Beats,’ the second solo album from Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, will be released tomorrow (June 12) via the band’s own Monkeywrench Records. Ament’s first solo disc, ‘Tone,’ came out back in 2008.

Ament recorded ‘While My Heart Beats’ in Montana with help from Brett Eliason, Richard Stuverud (Three Fish), Joseph Arthur and some of his bandmates. Don Pendleton painted the cover art.

In a handwritten note on Pearl Jam’s website, Ament says “We grew together out of smallness. All we knew was the little that surrounded us. It seems like we had it all...but once we tasted the outside, we felt an insatiable hunger to move away from the comfort of our community to build something new out of the unknown. When one of us was afraid, we reached out and supported each other with a belief I never felt before. I am forever grateful to have such friends. ‘While My Heart Beats’ is a tribute to the magic that connects us.”

Ament's album is available for purchase on Pearl Jam's official site. Meanwhile, Pearl Jam returned to the studio earlier this year to work on material for their tenth studio album.

Tracklisting for Jeff Ament - ‘While My Heart Beats’

1. Ulcers & the Apocalypse
2. When the Fire Comes
3. War in Your Eyes
4. While My Heart Beats
5. Shout and Repeat
6. Give It a Name
7. The Answers
8. Time to Pay
9. Take My Hand
10. Down to Sleep
11. Never Forget