It's been a long three years for Pearl Jam fans since the band's last album of original material, 'Backspacer,' was released -- but it looks like some new music is finally on the way.

Grunge Report points out an excerpt from the latest issue of Rolling Stone in which bassist Jeff Ament reveals the band's plans to finish its next record in early 2013. Asked to compare the new material's sound to 'Backspacer,' Ament responded, "Hopefully the next thing is something more out there. I think we’re about due for some songs that are way outside of where our comfort level is."

Speaking of going outside one's comfort level, drummer Matt Cameron -- who's been with the band since 1998 and is currently pulling double duty with the reunited Soundgarden -- was asked during a recent interview about the possibility of having the two bands tour together.

"After I play like, I don’t know, two hours with Soundgarden, my day is done," chuckled Cameron. "When we did the PJ20 show, Chris [Cornell] came out to that and we played some Temple of the Dog stuff, and it was awesome. Maybe there might be a one-off where that could happen, but I’m not 25 anymore."