Pearl Jam fans will be happy to know that the band is progressing quite well with their next album. In fact, in a new interview with, guitarist Stone Gossard reveals that the end of recording their next album is in sight.

Gossard explains, "It's almost done and as far as what it sounds like, it sounds like Pearl Jam. You're going to hear some rock songs and you're going to hear some quiet songs and you'll hear some song in between. That's all I can really say about it because we aren't talking about it yet, so it doesn't make much sense for me to say anything."

Recently, fellow guitarist Mike McCready stated of the new album, "Some of the standout tracks on there are pretty amazing. Matt [Cameron] wrote a really cool one that’s kind of ethereal meets U2-ness, I wrote kind of a punk rock one and a Pink Floyd thing, so there’s all these kinds of things going on. Ed [Vedder] has written some beautiful numbers, some kind of garagy type stuff and then also some beautiful lyrical kind of things. We’ll put all of those things in the Pearl Jam thing, and hit mix, and mix it up.”

At present, Pearl Jam has yet to reveal any pertinent details about the release of their upcoming album, though it has been suggested that a late 2013 / early 2014 window is optimal.

In addition to Pearl Jam, Gossard is ramping up to the release of a new solo album. 'Moonlander' is due June 25 and Gossard recently revealed a new song called 'I Need Something Different' off of the album.

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